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Pacific Central & South


PLAYA JACO- Most Popular Tico beach, touristy, near San Jose, bicycle, horse, and surf board rental, good night spots, laundry, airport. Best Western 643-1000 BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, RENT-A-CAR, CASINOS, TOURS, SOUVENIRS, BUS, AVION, PLANES, SPORTS, GAS. Some traveller hostels $7

PUERTO QUEPOS- The restaurants, hotels, night clubs, and buildings reflect the rich international population. There are boats to Corcovado nat. park, and for fishing, bus service to Manuel Antonio (each 20 min) and the rest of the province Airport. Kamuk 777-0379 BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CANTINAS, RENT-A CAR, TOURS, BOATS, BUS, AVION, PLANES, CASINOS, SOUVENIRS, GAS. Lots of traveller hostels $7

MANUEL ANTONIO P.N.- National park & hotels with exquisite view of the Pacific, lovely beaches, surfboard and tent rentals, discotecs, tropical rain forest. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, SOUVENIRS, SPORTS, BUS. Hotel Mirador 777-0119

PLAYA DOMINICAL- Quiet town popular with surfers, horse and surfboard rental, mini-super, waterfalls, tropical forest, sand and rocky beach. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, GAS, SPORTS, BUS. General Information 771-4582

PLAYA UVITA- Super Quiet town, beautiful beaches, mini-super, horses, tropical rain forest, Playa Ballena marina parque nacional. HOTELS, SPORTS, BUS. Info 771-4582.

PLAYA TORTUGA- Lovely village many Quebecois, huge beach with caves, horses, waterfalls, tropical forest, rivers, grocery. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, SPORTS. General Information 771-4582

SAN ISIDRO- Principal city in the area, access to Chirripo Nat Park. General Information 771-4582. BANKS, ATMīs, HOTELS, BARS, RESTAURANTS, SUPERMARKET, GAS, BUS.

PALMAR NORTE- The Rio Terraba, Costa Ricaīs largest river runs through it. Busses to Pto. Cortes, north and south, taxi to Sierpe. Cabinas Tico Aleman 786-6232, Info 786-6534 BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CANTINAS, GAS, SUPERMARKET, BUS.

PALMAR SUR- Airport, taxi to Sierpe. General Information 786-6534.

SIERPE- Quiet town on the edge of the Rio Sierpe, access to Corcovado nat. park, Isla del Cano, Drake. Tropical rain forest, fishing, mangroves. HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CANTINAS, BOATS, TOURS, SPORTS. Info 788-8051

DRAKE- A town in the middle of the jungle, access to Corcovado nat. park, beautiful beaches, tropical rain forest, there are tours of two days and more from San Jose. Day trip from Sierpe Tour Isla de Cano $50, Tour Corcovado by boat $50, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CANTINAS, BOATS, SPORTS. No Phones

ISLA DE CANO Nat Park- Beautiful island 20 km. from Drake, perfect for snorkling, swimming, hiking. It has tropical forest and reefs. Boats from Sierpe and Drake. SPORTS, Tour from Drake 786-6150, Boat from Sierpe 788-8051.

CORCOVADO Nat. Park- One of the most pure examples of a tropical rain forest in the world. You can enter from the south on foot (three days walking and swimming with your own food), or through Sierpe or Drake with a Tour out of San Jose or by yourself. Either way a visit to Corcovado is always unforgettableOficina de Administracion y Informacion Corcovado 735-5036. ANIMALS, RIVERS, RANGERS, RADIO FROM RANGER STATIONS

ISLA DEL COCO Nat Park- Made famous by "Jurassic Park". The island has an abundance of flora, fauna, forest and marine animals, and coral reefs. Tours available only from San Jose. RADIO FROM SHIP, WATERFALLS, SPORT. No Phones

GOLFITO- Fishing, surfing at beaches to the south, tours, airport. Tours to Corcovado nat. park and the forests in the area, boating. Las Gaviotas 775-0062, BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, CANTINAS, TOURS, BUS.

PTO. JIMINEZ- Corcovado Nat. Park office, rain forest, airport. Reservations 735-5138. BANK, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, CANTINAS, BUS, TOURS, AVION, PLANE.

SAN VITO- Take the bridge at Paso Real, see map. Beautiful mountains with an abundance of birds, horticulture, coffee tour, and typical cuture. BANKS, HOTELS, RESTURANTS, CANTINAS, BUS, WILSON BIOLOGICAL GARDENS & HOTEL. 240-6696


CHIPPIPO P.N.- Cabins located on the highest peak in the country after a 6 to 8 hour climb. Make reservations one month in advance, office 771-3155 from 8 to 12 noon, monday to friday. US $10 per person per day. TRAILS, RANGERS WITH RADIO, CABINS.

ZANCUDO- Well known surfing beaches. Plenty of places to stay and eat. Get there by bus or taxi from Golfito. CANTINAS, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS

BUSES - * Return Times * SJO is our abbreviation for San Jose
SJO-Jaco: 7:30, 10:30, 3:30   *  5am, 3pm (2 1/2 h)
SJO-Quepos: 6, 12, 6   *   6, 12, 5 (5h)
SJO-Jaco-Quepos: 7, 10, 2, 4   *   5, 8, 2, 4, (5 1/2 h)
SJO-Golfito: 7, 3   *   5, 1 (8h)
San Isidro-Dominical- Uvita: m-f 3   *   5:30 Sat &Sun: 5:30, 3 ? 5:30, 1 (7 h)
SJO-Quepos-Dominical-San Isidro: 5, 1:30 ,7, 1:30 (8 h)
SJO-Palmar No: 6, 7, 8:30, 10, 2:30, 4:30, 6   *   4:45, 6:15, 8:15, 10, 1 (5 h)
SJO-Paso Canoas: 5, 1, 4:30, 6,   *   4:30, 7:30, 3 (8 h)
San Isidro-Pto. Jiminez:
SJO-Pto. Jiminez: 6, 12   *   5, 11 (10 h)
Palmar Norte-Pto. Cortez-Playa Tortuga: 7, 10   *   1, 3 (2 h)
SJO-San Vito:
San Isidro-Rivas:
Neilly-San Vito: 5, 7, 7:30, 9, 11, 2, 5   *   6, 9, 11, 12:30, 1:30, 3, 5
Neilly-Paso Canoas: each 1/2 hour 6am-6pm
Neilly-Rio Clara-Golfito: each 1/2 hour 6:30-7pm
Neilly-Pto. Jiminez: 7, 12
Neilly-Palmar-Pto. Cortez: 4:45, 9, 12, 12:30, 4:30
Neilly-SJO: 4:30, 5, 8:30, 11:30, 3:30
Pto. Jiminez-Corcovado p.n.: Taxi
Palmar Norte & Palmar Sur-Sierpe: Taxi
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