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North Zone


RESERVES AND PROTECTED AREAS - As you can see on the map, there are many reserves and protected areas between La Fortuna, Monteverde/ Sta. Elena, and San Ramon. There are tours available to go on horse back to see these amazing forests which mostly low cloud forest. You can even ride horse back between these places.

SAN CARLOS/ CIUDAD QUESADA- Hot springs, cloud forest, central market (leather), beautiful scenery. BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, NIGHT CLUBS, BARS, CANTINAS, MARKETS, TOURS, BUS. Tucan 460-6000

LA FORTUNA- Hot springs, horses, bikes, tropical forest, rivers, waterfalls, camping, fishing, trails. Las Cabanitas 479-9400, Lots of traveller hostels $5 pp.BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, SPORTS, BUS, VOLCANO ARENAL, LAKES, HOT SPRINGS, CROCODILE FARM, SUPERMARKET, GAS, TOURS (Ca?o Negro, V. Arenal, L. Arenal, Venado, Monteverde)

CATARATA DE LA FORTUNA- Located 5.5 km from Fortuna, itīs a waterfall of 75 meters, arrive on foot or by horse. WATERFALL, POOL, RIVER, TRAIL.

RIO TABACON LODGE (Hot water springs)- Hotel, Abierto/ open 10 am - 10 pm, US $10. 256-1500 BAR, RESTAURANT, JACUZZI, HOT & COLD POOLS

.RIO TABACON- Bathe in the thermal river across from Tabacon Lodge $3.

DOS LAGOS Y SENDEROS- Beautiful park with lake, perfect for swimming and walks, small boats and horses available. Bring your own food. Between La Fortuna and Tabacon. LAKE, FOREST, HORSES, BOATS, SPORTS

.VOLCAN ARENAL N. Park- The most explosive volcano in the world, best to take a tour at night. VOLCANO, LAVA, ERUPTIONS, LAKE, TRAILS.

VENADO- Caves, get there by tour or local bus. They were closed in Jan and Feb 1999 due to a mysterious bacterial infection. CAVES

GUATUSO- Indian Reserve, Cristal blue river - Rio Celeste, Volcan Tenorio tour - 3 days camping, waterfalls, tropical forest, tour on Rio Celeste to Cano Negro, fishing. BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, CANTINA, SUPERMARKET, GAS, TOURS, BUS. Albergue Segana 464-0344

NUEVO ARENAL, JARDINES BOTANICAL DE ARENAL (Open 9-5, US $5)- Bass fishing $60 all day, volcano tour, (packet RT-San Jose, all meals, room, volcano tour $87 pp).Los H?roes228-1472, 443-9505. BANKS, BUSES, SUPERMARKET, RESTAURANTS, GAS

CANO NEGRO- Cano Negro reserve and the town, tropical forest, wetland swamp animals (alligators, crocodiles, turtles, awesome birds). For hotel stay best to reserve by travel agency in San Jose. HOTEL, SODA, BOATS. No Phones

UPALA- Outpost town, no English spoken, access by car to Cano negro. 470-0169 SUPERMARKETS, GAS, BARS, RESTAURANTS, SMALL HOTELS, NO TOURS

LOS CHILES 471-1151, 471-1197- Small town, plenty of places to stay. Has boat tour to Cano Negro to for the day or to stay the night. RESTAURANTS, GAS, BARS, BUS, BANKS

TILARAN- Bus connections to Sta. Elena, Monteverde, La Fortuna, Guatuso, Canas, tour volcano Arenal by boat, horses, trails, sailboat, fishing, water skiing, WINDSURFING. Very Quiet. Tilawa 695-5050 BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAUANTS, BARS, TOURS, GAS, BUS.

MONTEVERDE- Reserve area outside of Santa Elena. Most famous area of ecotourism, cloud forest, birds, cheese production. Staying farther from Sta. Elena you are more emersed in the forest. Fonda Vela 257-1413 HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, GAS, TRAILS. Many travellers hostels $5 pp.

SAN RAMON- See in Central Zone page.

MUELLE- Hotel Tilajari, luxury hotel, tours to Volcano Arenal, Ca?o Negro, etc. 469-9091

SANTA ELENA- Quiet town, cloud forest, horses, nature trails, spanish schools, volunteer programs, nature reserve nearby. Staying near Sta. Elena you have access to the amenities of the town and are in Taxi range of the reserve. El Sapo Dorado 645-5010, Monteverde Lodge 645-5057 BANKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, BARS, CANTINA, TOURS, GAS, BUS, SPORTS, TRAIILS Lots of travellers hostels $5 pp



BUSES - * Return Time - SJO is our abbreviation for San Jose
SJO- Fortuna: 5:15, 10, 3    *   6, 1, 3 (4h) calle 16, avda 1
SJO-Sta. Elena: 5, 1   *   6, 12 (6 h) calle 14, avda 7
AUTOTRANSPORTES - CALLE 12, AVDA 7 & 9 - 255-4318
SJO- San Carlos: every 2 hrs. (4h)
SJO-Guatuso: 5 am (5 h)
SJO-Los Chiles: 5:30, 3:30 (6 h)
SJO-La Fortuna: 6:15 (4 h)
SJO-Pital(San Carlos): 7:40, 12:45, 2 , 3, 4:40, 6:15, 7:15 (31/2 h) Tilaran-Canas: 6, 9, ? 2, 5 (2 h)
SJO-Fortuna-Guatuso: 8:30, 11:30 (5 h).
Fortuna-Guatuso: 7:17, 10, 2, 4,   *   6, 9, 1, 5 (1 h)
Fortuna-Tilaran: 8, 4   *   7, 3 (4 h)
Tilaran-Sta.Elena: 6, 11, 2   *   7, 12, 1 (3 h)
San Carlos-Upala: 6, 11, 2   *   7, 2 (7 h)
San Carlos-Pto. Viejo Sarapiqui: 5, 10, 1   *   6, 1 (3 h)
San Carlos-Guatuso: 6, 10, 2:30, 5   *   7, 9, 3 (3 h)
San Carlos-Los Chiles: 6, 3   *   7, 2 (8 h)
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